Adorn Yourself with Henna Workshop

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Registration ends: 24 hours before class time.

Come join us for an intro to Henna Workshop!

In this class, local Henna Artist Danielle will teach you about the history of henna, how it’s made and used, and the importance of using natural henna. Then, you will get the opportunity to pick up a henna cone and try your hand at this unique art form. Danielle will lead you through step-by-step tutorials and worksheets on common elements of a henna design, then combine those into a design of your very own!

This beginner friendly class is perfect for ages 12 and up! Class includes practice worksheets and step-by-step tutorials, no artistic skill required!

Each student will also receive a small henna design done by Danielle.

*Minimum of 8 people to hold class.  Should we not meet our minimum, you will be contacted, and your ticket will be transferred to an upcoming henna class.

*Please see our policy for cancellation details here.