Private Event

Welcome to your new favorite event spot! We are the for birthday and bachelorette parties, showers, team building events, holiday parties, retirement parties, church events…the list goes on and on!  If you’re looking for something unique and fun to do with your peeps, this is it!

You’ll have between 1.5-3 hours (depending on what workshop you choose)  of studio time, so you can enjoy having fun while creating your project with your chums.   If you’re looking to rent the studio space with a customized workshop, please reach out to us to discuss options.  BEFORE FILLING OUT THE DEPOSIT FORM, PLEASE CONTACT US TO VERIFY IF YOUR REQUESTED DATE IS AVAILABLE (more info at bottom of this page).

Frequently asked questions:

-How many people can the studio accomodate?  We have enough seating for 44 people (we have worktables, which are counter-height and barstools).  If you are doing a workshop, the amount of guests we can accomodate will depend on the workshop.

Can I bring in my own food/beverage?  You are welcome to cater food in or bring in your own!   BYOB is permitted but no hard alcohol allowed.  We have complimentary coffee, teas, water for you as well.

-Can I decorate for our event?  Yes, most decor is allowed but we do not allow anything that will damage our walls, ceiling and so forth (boo, we’re such party poopers…but we know you’ll understand!).  Please consider using the tabletops for your decorations and not the walls =)


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Please pick a date and type the number of participants.

Full Name

Select Your Special Occasion

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Order total:
Pay $100.00 deposit per item
  • Step 1: Contact us with your requested date/time –  reach out via or 616-465-4600 to see if your date is available.  If it is THEN fill out the form above to pay your deposit.   PLEASE NOTE: the above form is only necessary if you are booking the studio space.  If you are booking a workshop, please do not fill out this form!
  •   Please note: Your event is not booked until we confirm the date with you and deposit is paid! In the event that we are unable to accommodate your booking, we will refund your deposit.
  • Step 2: Pay deposit (IF BOOKING THE STUDIO SPACE ONLY!) – To reserve your date, pay the $100+ deposit, which is applied towards your total balance (details will be emailed to you).                  – OR –
  • Step 3: Select a workshop- We have a selection of different workshops, so you can choose which one will best suits your group! Please note: we cannot combine different workshops…everyone will follow along with the workshop you select. 
  • Step 4: Invite your guests- once you have your date and workshop selected, a private link will be created for you to send to your guests.  It is important that your guests sign up via the link to ensure minimums are met and so they are able to select their specific product that they wish to make. 
  • Step 5: Show up, have fun, be the coolest person you know – but seriously, your guests will be talking about this event for a while, so sit back and take the credit…you deserve it.

Workshop descriptions:


This option is perfect for those looking to rent the studio for a structured event and want to do a workshop, but don’t have time for both!

We will set up a beautiful “succulent bar” for your guests to put together their own mini container at their leisure.  This option allows your guests to choose one mini container, one succulent and then top it off with colored pebbles and a fun plant pick.  This works well for structured events where you need time for your own activites (food, games, gift opening etc.) but want your guests to leave with a party favor or a hands-on experience.

Cost: $15/person plus rental fee (at a reduced rate).  Please contact us for more details.

Time:  Based on your needs

Minimum/Maximum guests: n/a


This workshop won’t succ!  Wait, yes it will….anyways…. you and your guest will have a great time playing in the dirt as you create your own arrangement of adorable little succulents.  You’ll get to choose from a wide variety of containers (some new, some upcycled…because cool kids upcyle), several different species of succulents, and  decorative rocks.  There are 3 sizes of containers to choose from.  In addition, everyone will get to make their own wine cork planter…yes, I had to drink the wine to save the cork for you. My job is tough. 

  • Small planter + 1 to 2 succulents $28
  • Medium planter + 2 to 3 succulents $38
  • Large planter + 3 to 5 succulents $48

Cost: $28-$48
Time: up to 2 hours (1.5 hours needed for workshop)

Minimum:  Mon-Th 8 guests / Fri-Sun 10 guests 

Maximum guests: 44 guests


At this workshop you and your guest will learn how to make a beautiful wooden sign or a welcome door sign.  You’ll have a blast as you distress, sand, stain and paint your own custom sign.  We have a large array of designs, so each person will easily find a sign that fits their style.  The welcome door sign can be finished off with a cute bow or some greenery and hemp string for hanging (supplies may vary from what is seen on the website).

This is one of our more involved workshops that requires attention and a little patience, but we will guide you step-by-step, so everyones project will turn out amazing!

Cost: $68

Time:  3 hours (This workshop takes a FULL 3 hours!  It is important your group all arrives together and on time.  There are a few break-times while your project dries; this is a perfect time for snacking/refreshing drinks)

Note:  this workshop requires your guests to pick a sign design BEFORE the event.  We will discuss with you how we handle this.

Minimum:  Mon-Th 8 guests / Fri-Sun 10 guests 

Maximum guests: 44 guests


Join Barb Kasper, charcuterie teacher extrodinaire, at Spruced Studio as she guides you in a wonderful food experience!

During your private event, you and your guest will learn about pairing and combining cured meats, awesome cheeses and all the goodies that come on a charcuterie board.  

 Bring in your own adult beverage or sip on a complimentary drink as you create your very own tray to take home to share!

Included in the workshop are all the meats, cheeses, and other goodies to build your take home charcuterie board, a snacking board to nosh on during your event and hands on guidance as you build your beautiful board.  Along the way, Barb Kasper will share tips and education on both the art and science of charcuterie!

Join us for a tasty and fun experience!

Price: Small Board:  $55/person*(only available for groups of 10 or more) (includes 3 cheeses, 2 meats, fruit, nuts and crackers).  Light tasting and pairing offered

Large Board: $85/person* (4 meats, 4 cheeses, fruits, nuts, vegetables, olives, pickles, chocolates, dried fruit, honey or jam).  Moderate tasting and pairing offered

Time: 1.5  hours

Minimum:  6 guests

Maximum guests: 44 guests

*We can allow couples to make ONE board together for a slight upcharge

*Please note:  We cannot mix board sizes for events.  Your group will make either all small or all large boards.


This workshop is fun because it is one of our easier classes (great for people who *think* they are not crafty) and your guest leave with a functional product that they made!  We have a large array of designs and paint colors for your guest to choose from so everyone will leave with an amazing doormat!

Cost: small $39 (16″x24″) or large $49 (24″x36″)

Time: up to 2.5 hours (2 hours needed for workshop)

Note:  this workshop requires your guests to pick a doormat design BEFORE the event.  We will discuss with you how we handle this.

Minimum:  Mon-Th 8 guests / Fri-Sun 10 guests 

Maximum guests: 32 guests

Beauty Products - Trio Set                  Eye Serum

We all have our favorite, go-to beauty products, right?!  I’m going to tell you something big box beauty stores don’t want you to know….you can learn how to make your own beauty products! Bonus…..our products use only all natural ingredients!  Mega-bonus….each ingredient is carefully chosen for a specific purpose so you’ll see results!

You and your guest will have a wonderful time as you Ooo and ahh over the delighful smell of essential oils and create your new, favorite go-to products!  Please note: due to the use of essential oils, this workshop is NOT recommended for ladies who may be or are pregnant.

This workshop includes one of each of the following:

  • 50ml Finishing Powder- made with all natural ingredients, that will benefit your face! Finishing Powder is used to lock in and finish your makeup. It’s great for absorbing oil and shine, prolongs the wear of makeup, provides a flawless, airbrushed finish & reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines by blurring them!
  • 10ml Eyelash Growth Serum- made with all natural ingredients. This powerful serum will help your eyelashes to grow, grow, grow! Who doesn’t want longer, healthier lashes?
  • 7 oz Body Scrub – You’ll get to choose from several all natural ingredient combinations to make your own amazing smelling scrub.

Cost: $50
Time: up to 2 hours (1.5 hours needed for workshop)

Minimum:  Mon-Th 8 guests / Fri-Sun 10 guests 

Maximum guests: 44 guests


We get it, not everyone wants to do the same thing; that’s why we created Pick-a-Project!   This is a time where you’ll have the studio all to yourselves to browse through various, easy projects to choose from.  The cost and time varies for each project (starting at just $8!)  Your guests can choose as many projects they want to do in the 2 hours your group will have!

Our Pick-a-Projects we offer:

*Beauty Products (finishing powder, eyelash serum, body scrubs) – $15+

*Coaster Set – $15

*Spruce-up-your-car Set – $10+

*Faux Succulent & Moss crafts $8+

*Dried Flower Hoops – $8-$18

*DIY Reed Diffusers $18

(to see photos of the projects, please go to our “public workshop” calendar and look for our “Pick-a-Project” days!)

Cost: $10/person plus individual project prices (includes complimentary drinks like wine, coffee, teas).   The $10/person is paid online to book your event.  The cost of each project will vary per person and paid for in class.

Time: 2 hours

Minimum:  Mon-Th 8 guests / Fri-Sun 10 guests 

Maximum guests: no maximum

Join Vanessa, with Sweet Details GR, at Spruced Studio as she guides you in all things sweet!

During your private event, your guests will learn how to decorate beautiful sugar cookie like a pro…and bonus…they taste as good as they look!

You are welcome to bring in your own food and  adult beverage or sip on a complimentary drink while decorating.

Included in ticket price:

* Baked cookies.

* Icing and tools.

* Icing practice sheet.

* Step by step instructions as well as space for you to be creative.

* Recipe for perfect cookies and icing so you can reproduce these or your own designs at home.

* Box to take your cookies home.

*  Coffee/teas/water

Cost: $65/person

Time: 1.5 hours

Minimum:  10 guests

Maximum guests: 44 guests

Join Theresa from Fresh Decaf Watercolor as she guides your group in learning the basics of painting with watercolor!  Then, put your new skills to work by creating your own scene on quality cotton watercolor paper during your event.
You will leave with a 5×7 painting, a blank 5×7″ paper,  a mini watercolor paint set and 3 brushes to continue your painting adventures!
Please choose from ONE of the following scene options (scroll down to see examples):
  • Flowers in pottery (individuals can choose any flower, any pottery color)
  • Winter scene
  • Dandelion silhouette
  • Mushroom scene
    Cost: $45 per person
    Time:  2 hours
    Minimum / Maximum guests:  5-20

    If you are intereated in any of our other classes taught here not listed above, please reach out to use to inquire.  For example, we also offer workshops like hat burning, mixology, wood flower arrangements and painting classes and more!  These are all taught by “guest” teachers, but we are happy  to work out setting up your private event with them on your behalf!

    Cost/Time/Minimum & Maximum guests will all depend on the class you are interested in.