FAQs & Policies

Weather Policy...because MI

We love MI but we don’t love the unpredictability she sometimes gives us as a small business.  We want everyone to be safe and understand there may be times coming to class isn’t the best decision.   We will contact you if we need to cancel and will transfer your ticket to an upcoming class (same as what you are signed up for).

If you decide not to attend, and class is still on, we will transfer your ticket to the next upcoming class that your ticket is for.  In some cases, a fee may be incurred if it is one of our food or drink classes.

If you do not let us know you are not attending class and no-show, you forfeit your ticket all together.

Love our stuff, but don't want to make it?

No problem!  We get that creating isn’t everyone’s jam…good thing it’s ours!  Any product you see on our website, we can make for you!  Just go to our retail tab and you’ll see all of the options there!

I don’t have a creative bone in my body...will my project still turn out correctly?

Yes, it’ll be amazing! You don’t need to be creative, just open to instruction and letting the process work! We will guide you through each step in simple, easy to follow instructions. If you are creative, we encourage you to sprinkle that fairy dust of creativity all over your project (and maybe on your neighbor’s if they aren’t creative)!

Is there an age requirement to attend a workshop?

Yes.  Due to the nature of the studio and tools/products used, we ask for no one under 16 years old attend.   We can be flexible with this, but ask that you please reach out to us before signing up if you would like to bring a younger teen with you.  We are hoping to add in workshops for children soon!

Is there a potential for injury during a workshop?

We do use various tools and products.  A hammer to the finger will hurt, cacti are pokey, paints and stains should not be sniffed.  Common sense and precautions need to be taken.  We are not responsible for injuries or accidents that result from negligence.   

If you have a condition that will increase your likeliness of experiencing injuries or breathing issues, please ask us ahead of time if this workshop is right for you.



Will I get messy?

Yes and no.  We provide aprons and recommend wearing them, especially if you choose to wear your favorite shirt or designer jeans (but we wouldn’t do that, if we were you).  Paints and stains won’t wash out of clothing, so don’t say we didn’t tell ya!  

Your hands WILL get messy.  We have latex-free gloves should you prefer to wear them, but we encourage you to get in touch with your inner 5 year old self and get ‘em messy!

Can I bring my own drinks?

You are welcome to bring your own beverage of choice.  Coffee, tea and water provided

Do you offer refunds if I can’t attend a workshop that I registered for?


We get it….life happens.  Because there is a lot of work that goes in to prepping for your specfic project that you choose, we are happy to transfer your ticket to a future workshop (or you can gift your ticket to someone!). 

Should that not work for you, there will be at least a $15+ cancellation fee to cover the cost of your product (please understand, most of our products are designs selected by you, that we make and prep before you arrive, hence the need to cover cost).  Cancellations fees are set by each teacher and they determine what they need to cover their costs.

Here’s the fine print (sorry but we have to have it!):  Each workshop has different cancellation periods…please see your specific workshop info for details. IN GERNERAL: please provide at least a 72 hour notice for a cancellation so we can open your seat to others.

Any guest that is a  “No show” will forfeit the missed session and need to re-register for a future class (aka, you’ll lose out on your ticket cost and need to repay should you want to attend the class again…..that’s no fun, so please call or email if you know you can’t make it). 

Do you offer refunds once I’ve finished a project?

Sorry, because each project is custom made by you, we can not refund money.  Please make sure all selections you choose along the way are going to be what you love. 

I’m always running late and most likely will be late to a workshop. Is that a problem?

If you’ve ever prepared thanksgiving dinner and have guests arrive late, then you know where we’re going with this.  We encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes EARLY so you can find your seat and get prepared. Arriving late will disrupt the workshop, force you to rush to finish on time and may result in a public flogging (joking…or am I?)

Can I bring a friend who has not registered?

Unfortunately, no.  We have limited seats and they are reserved for customers who registered.  But because we all have that one friend who procrastinates, we encourage you to have them check our website to see if there’s an available seat.

Can I sit by my friends?

Yes, we highly encourage bringing friends (that registered) and want you to sit with your amigos.  The registration form will have a section for you to list who you’d like to sit by. We make every effort to accommodate your request.

What are the prices for workshops?

You can find specific pricing info within each workshop tab. In general, prices range from $28-$75.

How long do workshops last?

You can find the specific length of time within each workshop tab as each project requires a different amount of time to finish.   In general, workshops last between 1-3 hours.

Do you offer private workshops?

Yes!  We are the bomb.com for birthday and bachelorette parties, showers, team building events, retirement parties church events…if you’re looking for something unique and fun to do with your peeps, this is it! If you’d like the studio to yourself, please use the “Private Events” tab to contact us to set up a private booking.  Minimums are required to book private events.  Currently our minimum are 8 guests Mon-Thu and 10 guests Fri-Sun

What if I don’t finish my project on time?

We certainly don’t want you to leave with a half @&$ project. We have structured our time very carefully so everyone can finish on time.  Of course, if you’re a chatty-Cathy, more effort to finish on time may be required on your part.  But really, we’ll keep you on task along the way.

Do I have to pick my project ahead of time?

Because there is a lot of prep work on our end to prepare your project, most of our workshops require online registration to attend.  That means you will need to sign up for a specific workshop, and in many cases a specific product.  Registrations ends 48 hours to 1 week in advance, depending on the class, so we recommend signing up early! 

We do offer a drop-in class called Pick-a-Project, that does not require registration.  Please see our calendar for dates/times.    

Where do I park when I arrive?

There is plenty of parking in the front of the building and overflow parking in the back (back door entry available for your convenience)

Succulent Care Instructions

If you attended one of our Succulent Arrangement Workshops, congrats!  You are now the proud parent of a new little succulent!  Follow these general tips, or Google info about your specific species, and you’ll be a pro-succulent parent in no time!


LIGHT – Generally, most succulents perfer S or W facing windows.  They need plenty of sunlight, but it doesn’t have to be direct.  MI winters are sad for succulents, so find the brightest window in your house for the winter months (or invest in a grow light!).

WATERING – Succulents prefer bone-dry soil … resist the urge to over water!  Containers WITH a drainage hole:  you can water so the soil is soaked, then let it dry out before next watering (soil should not stay soaked for more than 2-3 days).  Containers WITHOUT drainage:  DO NOT soak your plant-the water has no where to go.  Instead, focus watering around the base of each succulent, giving it only a small amount of water.  Do not mist your succulents … they prefer water at the base of the plant, not sitting on the petals/leaves.


STRETCHING –  If your plant is growing tall with space between the leaves, it needs more sunlight (it’s stretching because it is “looking” for light).  Here’s a great link to follow for more info on this: hearthandvine.com

SCORCHING – Dark, burnt spots on your succulent’s leaves are a sign of too much direct sunlight.  These “burns” will not go away, but your succulent will eventually shed these leaves as it grow.  To fix this issue, simply place your succulent in non-direct, but bright sunlight.

WILTED LEAVES – Wilted, rubbery leaves are a sign of under-watering.  Increae the amount of water and frequency until you find your plant’s sweet spot.

SOGGY/YELLOW LEAVES or ROT – This is typically a sign that you are over-watering your little guy.  The best way to save a succulent that has been over-watered is to transfer your succulent to completely dry cactus/succulent soil (do not use regular houseplant soil).  After that, cut back how much/often you water your succulent.